Monday, November 24, 2014

BIG NEWS: Micro Cord

S-Lon Micro Macrame Cord from Macrame Super Store
S-Lon Micro Macrame Cord.
NEW to Macrame Super Store: Micro Macrame cord line!

We are thrilled to offer you the skinny on this mini-or mini's. Micro Macrame has been propelling itself into mainstream jewelry craft over the past year. We are now offering twelve of the hottest colors on the market. Pair it up with seed beads, or braid it into i-cords and custom threads with a Kumihimo braiding wheel.

S-Lon Micro Macrame Cording - Quarter Comparison
Micro Macrame cord is1/2 the thickness of a quarter!

We mean THIN-THIN-THIN cord! This cord is ideal for jewelry making, especially delicate designs.

Happy crafting!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Hands On Crafts: DIY Utility Belt

DIY Survival Belts from Hands On Crafts for Kids
Make your own survival belt.
Photo courtesy of Hands On Crafts For Kids.

Hands On Crafts for Kids is re-broadcasting Episode 1606 on Symmetry now on their homepage. (Scroll down to the bottom of their website to watch!) This episode will be airing through Noon (Eastern Time), on Friday, December 5th. It features Katie Hacker and Candie Cooper making Parachute Cord belts! 

Parachute Cord Belt - Photo from Hands On Crafts For Kids
Embellished Parachute Cord Belt.
Photo courtesy of Hands On Crafts for Kids.

If you miss the re-broadcasting, no worries! Directions for making the belt are archived on the Hands On Crafts for Kids website. To make these belts, you will need 550 Parachute Cord, 20mm or 25mm Plastic Buckle, embellishments (stickers, foam, or stones,) and glue.

Happy crafting!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Prepping for Decorating

How-to: DIY Monkey Fist Holiday Ornaments
DIY Holiday Monkey Fist Ornaments.

We know it's a little early for some to remotely consider decorating for the Holidays, but you still need to prepare. You can start with making Monkey Fist Christmas Tree Ornaments. With a comical twist to the traditional hanging glass orbs, the Monkey Fist Ornaments are a fun alternative for the "Humbug" in us all! Make these with plastic cores to prevent your tree branches from drooping. If you're new to making the monkey fist, try our Guide to make the assembly easier.

Monkey Fist Guide available from Parachute Cord Craft
Monkey Fist Guide comes with a key ring and core.

Finishing instructions for the Monkey Fist Ornaments are available from Parachute Cord Craft and Macrame Super Store websites.

Happy Holiday Crafting!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Re-Broadcasting: Rexlace Bracelets!

Rexlace Bracelets made with EZ Jig - Hands On Crafts For Kids
Square Knot Bracelets made with an EZ Jig.
Photo courtesy of Hands on Crafts for Kids.

Re-broadcasting on the Hands On Crafts for Kids homepage, watch Katie Hacker and Candie Cooper make Rexlace Bracelets using the EZzzy Jig. The video footage will be live on the Hands On Crafts site now through Noon (EST) Friday, November 21st. Instructions for making the Square Knot Bracelets are available to download any time, even after the episode airs.

Watch Episode 1605 on Patterns now (scroll down to the bottom of the page). Materials to make the bracelets can be found at Rexlace Some of the items (EZzzy Jig, buckles, and charms) may be available at your local craft store as well.